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Mike O'Laughlin at The Irish Roots Cafe photo

Welcome to the Irish Roots Cafe Backstage! Mike O'Laughlin is my name. I write and publish related songs, books, podcasts and videos. You'll be seeing traditional and sean nós songs here, along with historical notes. This includes rough versions of selections I am working on.

I'll also include notes on tracing your family in Ireland, and answers to questions I've gotten over the last 35 years. fr (My free digital album is included free as well! - with songs in Irish (gaeilge) and English...

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      Earlier 'Do-Re-Me' style notation in Irish (gaeilg... 1 comment · Jan 24, 2016
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      In addition to my Irish Song tracks, I'll be posti... 1 comment · Jan 24, 2016
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Mike O'Laughlin at The Irish Roots Cafe
Kansas City, Missouri
“A voice from the old Europe..amazing”
— Silvio Puzzolu, Torino, Italy, RN

The worlds leading author in the field of Irish roots, Mike sings and publishes books, in Irish (gaeilge) & English.

He is devoted to the old style of Irish song called 'Sean Nós', sung in Irish: raw, solo, learned by ear, in historical context. 'Non-modal'. This traditional album is a shout out to his Irish ancestors.

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